Karla Colletto's Resort Collection Is a Much-Needed Dose of Nautical, Sunshiny Fun

No SPF necessary.

No SPF necessary.

Karla Colletto does not color inside the lines.

This fact, a thread echoed throughout Colletto’s label, is perhaps more evident than ever in her latest release: a resort collection chock-full of power-clashing elements that are among some of the most exciting swimwear offerings we’ve seen to date.

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The fashion designer, who since 1987 has dedicated her craft exclusively to swimwear, is interested only in purveying luxe, tastefully bold garments, which she herself describes as “aquatic couture.”

Though Colletto’s designs are more fit to interact with elements than, say, your typical run-of-the-mill, haute couture, just as much mind is paid to ensuring that each piece is a work of art, from the textiles to the tailoring. (Colletto’s entire line is manufactured in the United States.)

And this resort collection was no exception. Be it an unexpected silhouette, subtle laser-cut details, or a zany color combination, Colletto’s resort drop is a much-needed dose of nautical, sunshiny fun—no SPF required.



(Photos: Courtesy Karla Colletto)

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