This Motorcycle Helmet Will Make You Look Like Daft Punk... and Maybe Save Your Life

The Sotera helmet by Joe Doucet features a brake light and sleek styling.

If your twin goals in life are to look like Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, and to, you know, not die, today is a good day.

Winner of the 2017 National Design Award in Product and Surface profile subject Joe Doucet has whipped up a helmet that not only looks like it could have come off the head of either member of the seminal masked electronic duo, but features a technological suite designed to prevent accidents for motorcycle enthusiasts.

While it’s only at the concept stage as of yet, Doucet’s Sotera helmet would offer USB-charged running lights along with a rear brake light that would flash red when the onboard accelerometer detects a slowdown. Both would, as Sotera’s site notes, make the rider more visible to drivers around them, potentially cutting into the relatively high mortality rate among motorcyclists.

As noted elsewhere, Doucet—who you may know from his home goods—is not planning to capitalize on the concept. As his site says, “Believing the innovations to have the ability to reduce accidents and save lives, Doucet has refused to patent the invention and offers it freely to all manufacturers.” Nice of him, right?

If you want a closer look at Doucet, take a look at our recent visit to his studio. If you want to get a Sotera of your own, write a strongly worded letter to your preferred helmet manufacturer.

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