Open up Sebastian Errazuriz’s Spectacularly Curious Cabinets

A new exhibition at Manhattan gallery R & Company includes the designer’s elaborate mechanical creations.

The designer’s latest exhibition at Manhattan gallery R & Company. The show, which runs through March 9, includes several new works from Errazuriz’s Mechanical Cabinet series, a collection of furniture follies that open with elaborately complex mechanisms. Here’s how a few of them unfold.

The Fan Cabinet resembles its paper namesake, but there’s also a peeling quality to how it opens. There’s more than one way to skin a cabinet?

The Grand Complication nods to watchmaking, and also happens to be the perfect place to keep one’s collection.

Magistral seems to pay homage to Thomas Heatherwick’s U.K. pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. We love the idea of this spiny bauble scaled down into a place to keep your keys.

The Kaleidoscope cabinet is our favorite of the group. We admire its delightful insistence on beauty over utility—that is, for anything other than gazing at precious objects through a peephole.

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