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How The Boutique Sports Car Market Became a Lab for Screamingly Fast EV Design

To make their boldest statements—and survive—smaller-scale makers with famed badges are turning

A First Look at The Porsche Taycan All-Electric Reveals a Beautiful Tesla Challenger

A glove thrown at Elon Musk, the new four-door from the German design sticklers is still...

This Motorcycle Helmet Will Make You Look Like Daft Punk (and Maybe Save Your Life)

The Sotera helmet by Joe Doucet features a brake light and sleek styling.

RM Sotheby’s “Youngtimer” Collector Cars of Tomorrow

RM Sotheby’s is taking up the sale of a new kind of classic car, driven by enthusiasm from folks...

Aston Martin’s Lightweight Legend Drops Another 155 Pounds

The carmaker turns to clever materials to give its latest design unprecedented levels of speed and...

In a Future of Autonomous Vehicles, Can BMW Still Make the “Ultimate Driving Machine”?

As the car industry faces a radical upheaval, BMW works to keep engagement in the driver’s seat.

How to Build a Superyacht for Millennials

The scion of an Italian dynasty sees the younger generation as a ripe market for his vessels.

Full Speed Ahead

For Auto Mobility’s Design & Developer Challenge, participants dream up vehicle experiences that...

Slimmed Down, Up in the Air

A new lightweight, design-forward private aircraft takes flight.

The Cadillac Escala Concept Car

A gusty concept car brings the brand’s “art and science” concept to new heights.

Urban Space
Making A Transit System More Habitable

A Brooklyn-based firm rethinks bus stations in the Philippines to accommodate local conditions.

The Bugatti Chiron’s Beast Within

The latest model from the French carmaker balances earthshaking power with nimble elegance.

The McLaren 570GT Coupe Invents a Totally New Kind of Opulence

The latest sports car from the British automaker is designed more for the road than the track.

Pininfarina Comes to America

The Italian design house opens a new U.S. outpost and unveils a fantastical concept car.

Tactical Maneuver

With its edgy Avista concept car, Buick hopes to garner the attention of the millennial generation.