Valcucine Cooks Up a Motion-Capture Kitchen Counter

The Italian kitchen manufacturer introduces its Logica Celata Bar.

The Italian kitchen manufacturer introduces its Logica Celata Bar.

We are living in the age of transformers, when most gizmos, gadgets and living spaces change on command. To whit: phones are also cameras, watches are also phones, and living rooms are also movie theaters. Now, thanks to Valcucine, kitchens can sort of, well, disappear. The kitchen manufacturer has introduced its Logica Celata Bar, a kitchen counter or large serving bar (depending on the order) that effectively masks itself and alters the colors of the lighting fixtures through a motion-capture device.

Sketch of Valcucine's Logica Celata Bar. Photo courtesy of Valcucine.

For over three decades, the company, which is under the umbrella of the Italian Creation Group, has been building customizable kitchens with a sleek, sustainable bent. It sources wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and recycles its glass and aluminum systems once they run through their lifecycle. These materials are then used to make cabinets, drawers and more that are compact and accessible. Functionality and ease are at the center of Valcucine—qualities that the Logica Celata Bar, with its modular design and morphing capabilities, fully encapsulates.

Here, ICG’s CEO, Giuseppe di Nuccio, tells us all about the company’s new offering.

How did the idea of the Logica Celata Bar come about?
Logica Celata Bar is an idea by Gabriele Centazzo, the creative director and founder of the brand. It’s an evolution of the Logica Celata Kitchen, where you have amazing technology and a compact bar counter at the same time. The basis of this project was to create something that helps you get everything in order as soon and as elegantly possible. The Logica Celata Bar is a great addition to your home.

How would you describe the technological functions?
The Logica Celata Bar technological functions are designed to give the consumer the best experience possible. In terms of look, every kitchen is customizable with Vitrum Arte. And once closed, it becomes a great and contemporary piece of furniture. In terms of usability, the mechanism behind it is designed to be as quiet as possible, with an extremely strict control on every kind of vibration. In terms of sustainability, Valcucine is the highest expression of eco-sustainability. It has stood out for designing and manufacturing high-end kitchens for over 35 years.

Valcucine's Logica Celata Bar. Photo courtesy of Valcucine.

Do you think consumers are interested in smart living and work spaces?
I am completely sure of that. Technology, social media and the internet have changed significantly the lifestyle attitude and work life. For this reason, more and more people can afford to work from home and therefore they design their own spaces accordingly. From now on, everything will be smarter and all wide open. We are ready to face this change because, as I always say, the future is at this very moment.

How are you looking to evolve the Logica Celata Bar?
We will be increasingly optimizing the customer experience, allowing our buyers to live the best bar experience within their home.

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