A Boutique Stay by Estudio Carroll Is a Study in Pink, and Other News

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Xique Hotel. Photography by Cesar Belio

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In Mexico, a Boutique Stay by Estudio Carroll Is a Study in Pink

We’re normally captivated by the goings-on between the walls of far-flung getaways. Yet, looking at the coastal charm of Xique Boutique Hotel, its facade commands the most attention. Estudio Carroll clad the eight-room property in chukum, a pinkish tree sap resin that’s a part of the hotel’s larger vision of environmentalism. Floor-to-ceiling pivot windows, along with rounded exterior corners and slatted wood panels in lieu of glass windows on higher stories, act as natural climate control and promote airflow. Of course, guests can always take a dip in the rooftop pool to cool off, too. —Jenna Adrian-Diaz

A gallery at the British Museum. Image courtesy of the British Museum

The British Museum is looking for a “visionary” design team to revamp its galleries.

The British Museum has launched a competition to select a firm to revamp 80,000 square feet of its gallery space, targeting a transformation that balances visitor needs with respect for its historic Smirke-designed structure. The contest focuses on reimagining the museum’s Western Range, which includes key collections like Ancient Egypt and Rome, with the winner to be announced next February after a public review of the shortlisted proposals this winter. Alongside the gallery redesign, the museum’s broader masterplan includes a new storage and research facility and an eco-friendly Energy Centre, funded in part by a contentious donation from BP.

TikTok files a lawsuit to block its potential ban in the United States, citing free speech.

TikTok has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals to challenge the newly signed Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, labeling it a First Amendment violation and an unprecedented nationwide ban on a single digital platform. The company’s president of global business solutions, Blake Chandlee, argued the law as unconstitutional at a New York event, asserting that TikTok will not back down and is confident in the legality of their position. The controversy extends beyond the courts, with activist group MoveOn criticizing the legislation as a political maneuver and urging Congress to instead focus on broader tech industry reforms concerning privacy and data security.

The former Ockawamick School in Claverack, New York, which will be transformed into The Campus. Photography by Yael Eban and Matthew Gamber, courtesy of The Campus

Six galleries buy and transform an upstate New York school into a giant new gallery.

Six midsize Manhattan art galleries have collectively purchased the Ockawamick School in Columbia County upstate, transforming the 78,000-square-foot facility and its 22 acres into an exhibition space named the Campus, which will open on June 29. The inaugural exhibition will feature nearly 80 artists, including notable names like Jenny Holzer and William Forsythe, showcasing both indoor and outdoor installations that interact with the school’s unique setting and historical aura. Beyond serving as an exhibition hub, the Campus aims to host year-round cultural activities, leveraging the ample space for art storage and programming.

According to a new UN report, rebuilding destroyed homes in Gaza will take until 2040.

The United Nations forecasts that rebuilding the destroyed homes in Gaza, following ongoing military actions initiated by Israel after a Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, will take until at least 2040. This estimate assumes the conflict ends immediately and highlights that reconstruction efforts would only address the homes, not the extensive damage to broader infrastructure such as schools and hospitals. The report also emphasizes the devastating socio-economic impact on Gaza, projecting a regression of 44 years in human development and predicting total dependency on external aid due to the collapse of Gaza’s economy and infrastructure.

Microsoft will invest more than $3 billion to build a giant AI data center in Wisconsin. 

Microsoft has announced a $3.3 billion investment to build a data center and initiate AI training programs in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, aimed at bolstering AI infrastructure and job creation in the area. This move is part of a global initiative—the company is also investing billions in Germany, Japan, Malaysia, and the UAE to expand its AI network and support local economies. 

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