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Behind These Woven Wall Mirrors, An Existential Question

Art and Loom teams up with Parts + Assembly to release a one-of-a-kind collection.

Since establishing the Miami–based textile design studio, Art and Loom, founder Samantha Gallacher has developed a talent for blurring the boundary between art and carpets. Painterly motifs, irregular forms, patterns sourced from nature—her genre-bending creations color outside the lines of traditional rug-making. Art and Loom’s special-edition collections with artists such as Typoe and Jenna Krypell, as well as lighting design studio Avram Rusu, push further into new territory, particularly the mixing of materials. Case in point:  Gallacher’s latest collaboration with Fanae Aaron, the founder of decorative mirror studio Parts + Assembly, which brings together two interior design staples like never before.

Aaron’s sculptural compositions defy easy categorization: Unlike a traditional mirror consisting of a uniform piece of glass, the assemblages incorporate everything from hand-carved walnut to unfinished brass. Now, add wool and silk to the list. Gallacher and Aaron pooled their talents to create a sculptural collection of woven wall mirrors that unifies textile art, wood, and glass like a mythological chimera of design. The alliance between Art and Loom’s Nepalese-woven rugs and Parts + Assembly’s L.A.-made mirrors present the two decorative staples in an entirely new context.

Pushing the envelope was exactly what the designers had in mind. “The exploration of mixed media was our inspiration and we wanted to challenge ourselves to create a unique piece of art,” Gallacher says.  Pieces start at $3, 600 and are available at Art and Loom.

Below, take a closer look at the collection.

Photography courtesy of Fanae Aaron.
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