This Sophisticated Floor Lamp Couldn’t Care Less About Standing Up Straight

Foscarini’s Dolmen floor lamp isn’t ashamed of reclining in public.

Go into enough New York apartments inhabited by creatives and you’ll likely recognize a strange, shared habit: that of propping up framed artworks against the wall along the floor, forming a small community of objects waiting to be hung. Due to the occupant’s lack of space, indecision, or utter laziness, this orientation often becomes the final resting place for a piece, and that’s okay—I like the informal mood it creates. The Dolmen lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini, was likewise made to lean against a wall, and has a similarly casual spirit. LEDs reflect diffused light onto the space behind it, illuminating its surroundings from a dignified, reclined aluminum frame.

(Photos: Courtesy Foscarini)

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