Library Street Collective Opens a Cultural Hub in Detroit, and Other News

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The Lantern. Photography by Jason Keen

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The owners of Library Street Collective have opened Lantern, a cultural hub in Detroit.

Anthony Curis and his partner JJ Curis have spearheaded a major cultural transformation in Detroit’s East Village through their gallery, Library Street Collective, and their latest project, Lantern. Located at the corner of Kercheval and McClellan avenues, Lantern is a mixed-use complex designed in collaboration with OMA New York, converting a former bakery and warehouses into spaces for artist studios, retail, and local nonprofits like Signal-Return and Progressive Arts Studio Collective (PASC). The project centers around a courtyard, shielded from traffic by 2,000 square feet of poured red concrete, and features a distinct facade with 1,500 cylindrical glass elements that bring light into the building.

Adjacent to Lantern, the Curises have also renovated a 1912 church into an art gallery and library, a skate park designed by McArthur Binion and Tony Hawk, and a sculpture garden dedicated to Charles McGee. They also transformed a nearby rectory into a guesthouse and artist residency.

Hilda Lynn Helphenstein, aka Jerry Gogosian. Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

Jerry Gogosian issues an apology after mocking the name of a Sotheby’s auctioneer.

Hilde Lynn Helphenstein, known for her satirical Instagram account Jerry Gogosian, apologized for mispronouncing and mocking the name of Sotheby’s auctioneer Ashkan Baghestani during a live-streamed auction, which many deemed inappropriate and xenophobic. Baghestani responded, expressing disappointment but accepting her apology and taking pride in his Persian heritage. Helphenstein, whose account critiques the art market and has collaborated with Sotheby’s, took responsibility for her comment, acknowledging the negative impact and vowing to be more mindful in the future.

Apple is reportedly working on a “significantly thinner” iPhone to replace the Plus model.

Apple is working on a significantly slimmer iPhone 17 that may potentially replace the Plus model. The thinner iPhone might feature an aluminum chassis, a smaller pill-shaped cutout for the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors, and a central rear camera array, with a screen size between 6.12 and 6.69 inches. While this new model could be more expensive than the iPhone Pro Max, it reflects a major design leap, though this year’s updates are focusing more on AI advancements rather than physical changes.

The embattled art dealer Nino Mier will close four of his gallery’s locations in Los Angeles. 

Nino Mier plans to close his three Los Angeles galleries and a project space, while maintaining his five other spaces in Brussels and New York. This decision follows allegations from former staff of misreported invoice amounts to artists, totaling $31,000 over 21 transactions, prompting an independent review by the gallery. Despite these controversies and recent artist departures, Mier continues to work with notable artists and focuses on expanding his physical presence.

After a string of issues, the Dublin–New York portal reopens with new hours and rules.

A live video “portal” connecting Dublin and New York has reopened after being temporarily closed due to inappropriate behavior, including mooning, flashing, and displaying offensive content. The livestream, which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors and nearly two billion online impressions, will now operate from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM in Dublin and 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT in New York. To prevent further issues, a proximity-based solution blurs the livestream if someone obstructs the camera, and the public is reminded not to touch the sculpture.

The baguette-themed French postage stamp. Image courtesy of Universal Postal Union/X

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