In Nolita, a Pop-Up Opts for Stylish Calm Over Fashion Drama

Practical, balanced, and sharp—the wears of O.N.S Clothing now have a pop-up in New York City's Nolita neighborhood just as airy and relaxed as they are.

Practical, balanced, and sharp—the wears of O.N.S Clothing now have a pop-up in New York City's Nolita neighborhood just as airy and relaxed as they are.

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A rarity in the sometimes topsy-turvy world of menswear, O.N.S Clothing’s design, manufacturing, objectives, and very soul are wrapped around a single word: simplicity.

Clearly, the considered, stylish staples the label offers are the most visual example of this. Shirts, sweaters, pants, and the like eschew complications in favor of familiar, approachable forms with brilliantly modern touches. But it’s more than that. O.N.S was born from a manufacturing company. Indeed, you’ve probably already worn clothing produced by it, just under a different and very familiar brand label. In venturing out into the direct-to-consumer market under its own banner, the O.N.S has done the smart move of eliminating the middle man, removing another level of complication and fussiness from the design and distribution process.

This is only to our benefit: the pieces aren’t bogged down by specific expectations or heritages, allowing them to live, breathe, and serve (a crucial word here) the modern man on their own. It also means that all this quality and style arrives at a much more attractive price point than it perhaps otherwise would.

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So what does that look like from a brick-and-mortar, on-the-ground perspective? Open now until January 31st at 4 Prince Street in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood, the brand’s whitewashed pop-up offers a breezy, welcoming view of the brand’s objectives and aesthetics. Far from imposing, the store is relaxed but engaged, featuring not only items from the O.N.S Fall 2019 Main Line and Grey Label collections, but accessories from brands like Maria Black, Bellroy, and Timbuk2. It’s a simple, pitch-perfect temporary home for O.N.S which we can only hope is a preview of what’s to come when it opens its in-the-works flagship in Soho early next year.

Below, the O.N.S team explains how it all came to be.

Project Description: Nolita Pop-Up for O.N.S Clothing located at 4 Prince Street. This pop-up is temporary, leading up to the new O.N.S flagship, which will officially open in Spring 2020.

Inspiration: The inspiration behind this pop-up was creating a compact, yet airy menswear haven for modern living. Potted Plants, wood shelving, concrete walls, and a wide welcoming glass entrance lend the space a feeling of stylish serenity for any customer who walks in.

Uniqueness: The most interesting feature of the store is the rectangular alcove (to the left of the shop) that meets the consumer upon entering the space. Currently used as a focal point for displaying eye-grabbing accessories, it also doubles as a calming zone in the store; a quiet spot to observe the bustling denizens on Prince Street, or for customers to mull over their selections one last time before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

Impact of the Project: O.N.S aims to provide versatile, stylish men’s clothing and useful lifestyle accessories for easy modern living. We’d love for our shoppers to see, touch, and feel our refined garment offering, for both the Grey Label and Main Line, along with our curated array of 3rd Party Products.

What’s Next: We’re excited to launch the full FW19 O.N.S campaign—Aerial Utility—with an accompanying short film launching after Labor Day. But ultimately, we are extremely excited for our new NYC Flagship opening in the Spring of 2020 at 201 Mulberry. We think it will make quite a splash when it’s eventually unveiled.


(Photos: Courtesy O.N.S Clothing)

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