#feature Stories

Inside Elie Saab’s Atelier in Beirut

The Lebanese fashion designer invites us into his world.

Buried in Velvet

One writer sees the tony fabric’s recent renaissance as a sign of the fraught times we live in.

Minding Moncler

How Remo Ruffini got the fashion world to escape its doubts and embrace the puff.

Chicago Turnaround

As its final phase opens, all eyes are on the city’s Riverwalk.

Sterling Ruby: Stretching the Canvas

Sterling Ruby combines art and fashion with his close friend Raf Simons.

Suite Sorrow: The Death of New York’s Grand Hotels

One New Yorker laments the passing of one of the city’s greatest offerings.

Studio Visit
Tom Sachs: Art and Soul

The artist revels in music, magic, and James Brown relics.

Mark Flood at Work

The puckish Texan artist is finally being taken seriously by everyone—except himself.

Jackie Nickerson: In and Out of Africa

The globetrotting photographer and artist seeks to capture humanity at all angles.

K. K. Barrett

A Hollywood production designer with punk rock roots speaks his own language of emotion.

Six Stylish New Design Hotels in Paris

In the capital of France, boutique hotels have made a comeback. These are the best recent openings.

Pittsburgh’s Self-Driven Renaissance

The city lost steam as industry declined in the 1970s, but newfound interest from the tech world is

The Illusion of Effortless Style

Writer Sadie Stein takes issue with the conventional wisdom that equates minimalism with ease.

Bobbi Brown Makes It Look Easy

After 25 years in the industry, cosmetics titan Bobbi Brown continues to espouse natural beauty.

New York City’s Latest Transplants: Public Wi-Fi Kiosks

Intersection has set out to replace pay phones with Internet hotspots, but are they losing sight of

Simon Birch Goes All In With &lquou;The 14th Factory &lquou;

The artist's ambitious anti-capitalist exhibition sets up shop in capitalism's epicenter.

Mark Parker of Nike

From his executive office on the company's Oregon campus, Mark Parker orchestrates a world of...

Vanessa Friedman’s Voice of Reason

The New York Times' chief fashion critic reflects on an industry in continual flux.

Odd Ballet

Hussein Chalayan doesn't simply defy the boundaries of fashion—he makes them dance.

The Ascendance of Joseph Altuzarra

Exquisite tailoring and embellishment are the hallmarks of the young designer's ever-evolving...