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The Surface Valentine's Day Gift Guide Is Here

Our Valentine’s Day gift guide is geared toward a discerning consumer who, like us, tends to cringe at the thought of a sappy Hallmark holiday. Spanning everything from Gufram’s iconic lip-shaped sofa to Comme des Garçons’ heart-logo Converse high tops to Maude’s sleek vibrator, the selections below are covetable and on-theme, sans the cheese. Which is to say, any of the items on this list are desirable no matter what day it is.

Catherine Chair by Pierre Yovanovitch
Price available upon request


Pierre Yovanivitch summoned a sea of red textiles, upholstery, and whimsical graphics for his LOVE exhibition at R & Company‘s gallery space this past year. Items from the showcase, presented in a staged five-room fantasy suite, include a range of handmade oak furniture, accent pillows, and a colorful bedroom carpet, among others. Our favorite: The Mrs. Catherine Oops Chair. Fashioned from solid oak and walnut, the personified piece of collectible design has four legs with heels and a hand–embroidered face by the renowned French firm Lesage. Take it from her sullen expression, Mrs. Catherine Oops and her accompanying four-legged girlfriends—Isabelle, Fanny, Charlotte, and Marion—don’t take any guff.


Bold Heart Diamond/Black Enamel Pendant & Long Link Chain


We got super excited when Auvere, the rising jewelry brand known for 22 and 24 karat gold pieces, began adorning its rapidly expanding range with lavishly colored gemstones and diamonds. This sleek necklace is no exception. Inspired by Milagro charms, its heart-shaped pendant speaks to a bolder variety of love through five round-cut diamonds surrounded by rich black enamel.


Mollo Chair by Philippe Malouin
Price available upon request


If you’d rather subscribe to Single’s Awareness Day, Philippe Malouin’s pleasantly plump Mollo Sofa makes an exceptional choice for a self-indulgent splurge. Thanks to its simple, rounded volumes and layers of high-density foam, you’ll never feel unsupported when curling up by yourself again. We imagine it must feel like a gentle hug.


Happy Hook by Jaime Hayon


This powder-coated steel wall-mount serves its purpose with a smile no matter which garments you choose to hang, offering a gentle reminder to transcend your SAD and look on the bright side—even if cheesy traditional holidays leave you feeling less than festive.



Andy Warhol: Love, Sex, and Desire


While he was more famous for the Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe screenprints, Andy Warhol drew thousands of sketches of unclothed men. Some are timid; others, brazen and violent. The volume offers a retina-widening dose of intimacy during a time when social distancing means that aspect of your life is most likely lacking.


$990* for Petit Cœur; $1,200* for Cœur


Fashioned from 24 karat gold, LAUREA takes advantage of the intrinsic value of its materiality, whose properties are inherently organic and hypoallergenic. Cœur and Petit Cœur—translated from French as “heart” and “small heart”—are aptly dubbed necklaces featuring the shape of their namesake in two different sizes. We’re not typically into hearts, but we love this fresh take, which channels the same vibes as femme fatale Barbara Stynwyck’s anklet in the 1944 film noir Double Indemnity.


*LAUREA’s prices are live, meaning that there is a constant, yet slight fluctuation in cost that is linked to the real-time price of gold.




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