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A Sporty Steel Tank Perfect for Everyday

Cartier unveiled several new Tanks in honor of the model’s centennial birthday.

The large Cartier Tank Américaine.

For 100 years the Cartier Tank has graced wrists across the world, its particular rectangular dimensions having been reserved for style icons and trendsetters. Diana, Princess of Wales, Yves Saint-Laurent, Andy Warhol, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis—and yes, even Kim Kardashian—have been seen sporting the timepiece over the decades. So for the design’s centennial it only made sense for the brand to unveil a overhauled version of the Tank Américaine—originally introduced in 1989—in stainless steel that opens up the iconic model to a whole new consumer.

The original Tank Américaine was an elongated version of the watch with a curved case that complemented the wearer’s wrist size and shape. While it was always a sportier take on the more classic dress iteration, this year’s introduction in stainless steel fully embraces a more casual and modern lifestyle. The Américaine comes in three sizes: 34.8 mm x 18 mm, 41.6 mm x 22.6 mm, and 45.1 x 26.6 mm.

With no seconds hand, the smaller model varies slightly in design from the other two and is the only one powered by a quartz movement. The larger two both feature automatic movements (with further details to be announced).

The small model is priced at $4,000, the medium at $5,100, and the large at $5,750.

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