Harry Nuriev's Furry Furniture Will Make You Smile

The Crosby Studios founder expands his interiors practice by launching a lively suite of furniture, home decor, and loungewear.

Photos by Julia Tatarchenko/Courtesy Crosby Studios

Harry Nuriev wants you to have the brightest, most statement-making hues in your home. The Crosby Studios founder recently launched a home goods and accessories collection in a virtual shoppable showroom—presented with HBX, Hypebeast’s retail platform—that you won’t want to stop exploring. Crosby Studios Home’s debut collection of imaginative furnishings and whimsical loungewear makes use of faux fur, neon colors, and playful oversize shapes that are best described as unbridled, zany in the best way possible, and which playfully cross into our increasingly digital reality. We sat down with the Russian designer to discuss his latest venture, what pieces he prefers to Netflix and chill with, and what it takes to create a virtual showroom.

Crosby Studios Home's virtual showroom apartment.

What motivated you to launch Crosby Studios Home?

I wanted to make Crosby Studios more accessible, so that anyone can bring new energy to an interior without having to give it a full makeover. I make so many original art objects and furniture pieces for all of my interiors, and realized the best way for everyone to have a piece of the Crosby aesthetic is by breaking down a space into small goods.

What were some of your biggest inspirations for the collection?

With anything I create, I try to merge design, art, and fashion. It was important for me to incorporate this philosophy—as well as the DNA of my signature interior projects—to small goods.

In your eyes, what distinguishes the collection?

The color palette consists of my favorite and most frequently used colors: blue, green, and gray. Each color also has its own symbolic significance: green symbolizes hope and new beginnings; blue—which I like to call “Crosby Blue”—symbolizes power and love; and gray is the new beige.

Left: . Center: Blue Jacket, Pants and Hand Pillow. Right: Green Furry Hand Pillow.
Left: Soft Dining Chair. Center: Sock Carpet. Right: Plush, Faux-Fur, and Checkered Cubic Pillows.
Left: Harry Nuriev with soy wax candles by Crosby Studios Home. Right: Faux fur and terry cloth-clad notebooks by Crosby Studios Home.

If you had to pick your favorite items, what would they be?

It depends on my mood. If I want to relax and take a bath, my favorites are the candles and small stools. If I want to watch Netflix and chill, I love the neon green fur man, fur blanket, and little blue ottoman. If I’m having dinner with friends, my favorites would have to be the glassware—I have a strong love for beautiful glass.

Tell me more about the virtual apartment.

It’s a combination between my New York, Moscow, and Paris spaces. I wanted people to experience environments from all over the world to digitally shop in.

How does using augmented reality influence user experience and interaction with the collection?

AR evokes more emotion than mindless scrolling. It’s fun and I want people to enjoy shopping this collection and experience design in all of its aspects—three-dimensional or otherwise!

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