Bi-Rite’s New Rug Collection Is a Sleek Study in Negative Space

Hand-tufted with New Zealand wool and mimicking perforated sheet metal, the series forgoes ornamentation for negative space.

Perforated Rug by Cat Snodgrass for Bi-Rite

When we last caught up with Cat Snodgrass, the founder and lead designer behind Bi-Rite, she had turned the buzzy Brooklyn design emporium into a one-stop shop for Memphis Milano must-haves. “We view design as an opportunity to be adventurous,” Snodgrass said at the time. “That’s what Postmodernism was about: rejecting the classical approach.” She applied that same logic when designing Bi-Rite’s first-ever rugs, an understated and clever series that forgoes ornamentation in favor of negative space and looking between the lines.

Hand-tufted with one-inch New Zealand Wool and featuring a gridded array of round holes, the Perforated Rug draws inspiration from the tie holes found in concrete structures, architectural panels, and perforated sheet metal. “I became interested in the concept of a rug that wouldn’t compete with a space,” Snodgrass says. “The default to a motif or color pattern on a rug has been amply explored, and I felt this lacked versatility for many interiors.” Versatile indeed—it’s available in two variants, five sizes, and six colors including ivory, rust, and black.

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