This Wallpaper Captures Light and Shadow’s Hypnotic Dance

Kelly Behun debuts two collections for Calico Wallpaper that capture light’s alluring dance within interiors.

Sylvan by Kelly Behun for Calico Wallpaper

Calico Wallpaper has always aimed to move art beyond the frame and into everyday spaces through vibrant custom-fit murals tailored to each interior. Even though Rachel Cope, who co-founded the Brooklyn-based brand with her husband, Nick, is an artist herself, the duo often brings other talents into the fold. (Previous collaborators: Faye Toogood, Meyer Davis, Sabine Marcelis, Ini Archibong, and even their daughter, Willow.) The latest is Kelly Behun, the lauded interior designer who, through a hands-on approach, devises artful yet inviting interiors layered with vintage design classics, collectible one-offs, and no shortage of sunlight.

Behun dreamed up two collections originating from her fascination with light, particularly its alluring dance, endless interplay, and the hypnotic effect light and shadow leave on our surroundings. “Bask” replicates sunlight filtering through architecture on a summer day, somehow both blurring and enhancing edges and corners. Its counterpart, “Sylvan,” captures sunlight’s rhythmic dance in a forest, mimicking the shadows cast by trees on snow-covered mountains to expose the topography underneath. Each explores how light impacts interiors throughout the day, a phenomenon Behun knows well. “The opportunity to capture moments in [light and shadow’s] choreography was too exciting to pass up.”

Bask by Kelly Behun for Calico Wallpaper
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