The Surface 4/20 Gift Guide

A $2,000 ashtray and 15 other design objects that defy the stoner stereotype.

As marijuana sheds its illicit past, designers are bringing an elevated aesthetic to its consumption. In 2016, to mark the April 20 holiday, we invited a group of designers to reimagine marijuana packaging for a contemporary consumer. Last year, we put together a guide to the more elegant smoking accessories that double as objets d’art, and this year, we gave it an update.

From recognizable names like Tom Dixon and Joe Doucet to up-and-comers like Summerland and Sweetflag, more and more brands and designers are producing functional pieces for marijuana enthusiasts. Here are a few of our favorite stoner gifts.

Pipe by Haciendaware

Recommended for: tumeric tonic–drinking Silver Lake shamans.

Say Hi

Synthesis Ashtray by Ettore Sottsass

Recommended for: Memphis junkies who roll postmodern spliffs.


Bubble Bong by Gary Bodker Designs

Recommended for: those looking to get one step closer to owning a Chihuly.


Gary Bodker

Smoke ~ Fulcrum by Ben Medansky

Recommended for: coordinating with a house full of Heath.

Ben Medansky

Queue Two-Tone Lighter by Tsubota Pearl

Recommended for: Warby Parker–wearing millennials on break at WeWork.

Say Hi

Cross Bar Pipe from Love + Destroy

Recommended for: pairing with takeout sushi.


Ring Pipe by Lindsey Hampton

Recommended for: leather-fringed boho freebirds headed to Coachella.


Cog Keyring by Tom Dixon

Recommended for: Barneys New York-shopping dads in need of an on-the-go stash.

Tom Dixon

Brancusi Pipe by Sweetflag

Recommended for: “stoners” with Noguchi coffee tables.


Journey Pipe by Smoke Journey

Recommended for: minimalist, John Pawson-loving architects.

Smoke Journey

Marianne Brandt Brass Ashtray by Alessi

Recommended for: golden girls.


24K Fetish Ashtray by Joe Doucet

Recommended for: golden boys.


Octahedron Table Lighter and Ashtray Set by Andrew O. Hughes

Recommended for: the Lisa Frank inside all of us.


Ankh Clip by High Society Collection

Recommended for: completists.


The PAX 3

Recommended for: semi-stylish Silicon Valley tech bros.


Fruit Fantasy

Recommended for: keeping the doctor away.


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