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Designer of the Day: Rachel Bu

Authorne founder Rachel Bu knows a thing or two about transformation. In 2022, she converted her...

Amale Andraos Tries Her Hand at Jewelry

Teaming up with Judith Ripka, the co-founder of architecture firm WorkAC jumped at the opportunity...

Currently Coveting
Auvere’s 24 Karat Gold & Turquoise Byzantium Ring Reflects Oceanic Ombrés

Recalling her teenage affinity for turquoise and the ombré blue tones of the Caribbean Sea, Gina...

Frank Ocean Just Launched a Handmade Jewelry Line

The enigmatic musician launches Homer, a collection of handmade jewelry ranging from enamel...

A Jewelry Line That Is Both Brutalist and Buoyant

Uncommon Matters debuts Full Volume, an architecture-inspired jewelry line whose sculptural forms...

Designer of the Day: Caitlin Mociun

Channeling the Bauhausian principles she rigorously studied at RISD, Caitlin Mociun has created a...

Surface Shops
Seven Earrings That Drop It Like It’s Hot

A bit of drama for your lobes to carry you through summer.

Surface Shops
Stylish, Quick-Pick Gifts For The Fashion-Conscious Woman

From an Alexander McQueen wallet to a Barbie coffee table book, here are nine winning luxury gift...

Surface Shops
Nine Pieces of Beach Jewelry That Make a Splash

Nautical-inspired baubles for your next beachfront vacation.

Francesca Amfitheatrof Questions the Emotion of Jewelry with Thief & Heist

The former Tiffany & Co. design director's new jewelry company debuts their tag bracelet.

How Top Designers Interpret Camp

Inspired by the theme of the Met Gala 2019, we asked creatives from a range of fields to show us...

Gina Love of AUVERE and PERYTON

"Law and design have seemingly little in common. But one of the threads that ties my law career...

Surface x Bulgari
How It’s Made: Bulgari Serpenti

We pulled back the curtain on Bulgari’s Serpenti to reveal a collection rich with brand history,...

These Gorgeous, Customizable Dangly Earrings Were Inspired by Mexico City’s Heritage

Kim Mee Hye's newest collection is bursting with conversation pieces.

Supreme, Yeezys, and Turquoise Bracelets

How streetwear impresario Harry “Bee” Bernstein became a jewelry designer.

3D-Printed Jewelry Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

New York studio PLAITLY blends emerging technology and meaningful stories to create striking...

Meet the Korean Designer Who Makes Shapeshifting Jewelry

Kimy Gringoire creates elegant, everyday accessories in unexpected forms that can be fitted to a...

Design Dialogues No. 40 with Van Cleef & Arpels

Surface magazine’s editor-in-chief, Spencer Bailey, spoke with Alain Bernard and Beatrice...

Robert Wilson Brings a Van Cleef & Arpels Collection to Life

Inspired by Noah’s Ark, a series of museum-worthy jewelry pieces make their theatrical debut in...

Bulgari Brings La Dolce Vita to New York

The Italian brand’s 5th Avenue flagship offers a refined vision of the luxury retail experience.

A Reclusive Artist Shows in Paris

Daniel Brush, who prefers spinning gold to leaving his home, appears at L’Ecole Des Arts...

Behind the Scenes
Sketchbook: Yael Sonia

A glimpse at jewelry design by way of illustration.

watch wednesday
The Super-Rare Watches Miuccia Prada and Marc Jacobs Are Obsessing Over

An industry insider examines why Andrew Grima’s jewelry is so sought-after in today’s vintage...

These Mixed-Metal Earrings Are Like Sculptures for Your Face

11 jewelers are ditching the gemstone and reinventing the earring as a miniature, wearable form of...

In Tokyo, A Florist Uses His Beloved Flowers as Inspiration for Jewelry

Japanese architects SANAA and Copenhagen's Studio OEO are behind the ethereal design at Natur &...

Monique Péan’s Marfa Travel Diary

Having visited all seven continents, Monique Péan is likely to be among the most peripatetic...

This Pop-Up Bar Revisits the Golden Age of Milan

Jewelry brand Pomellato revives Bar Jamaica, once the city’s creative and social heart.

San Francisco

Design heft and art world gravitas are giving the City by the Bay a new patina.

Anabela Chan’s Gilded Exoskeletons

The architect-turned-jewelry designer is subverting convention with ingenuity, precision, and a...

Studio Visit
The Natural Order of Monique Péan

The jewelry designer discusses her new SoHo space, creating fashionable, wearable pieces from...

Sonia Boyajian’s Jewelry Captures Surrealist Whimsy

The Hollywood-based designer loves vintage, over-the-top glamour.